M&G 98767-240functions Scientific Calculator

M&G Scientific Calculator MGC-03 with 240 functions having 2-line display with 10 + 2 places. Integral, trigonometric functions, logarithms. Trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions, hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions. Possibility to calculate 6 different regressions and their coefficients A, B, conversion between different degrees of gradian, degree and radian. Conversions between the polar and Cartesian systems, conversions between the sixtieth and decimal systems. Random number generator, percentage calculations, arrows for menu navigation. 24 levels of parentheses, direct counting with fractions, calculations and permutations, statistical operations. SCI / FIX / ENG functions, storing variables in memory, additional independent memory.
  • Number of Functions : 240
  • 2-Line Display, 10 + 2 places
  • Integral, trigonometric functions, logarithms.
  • Available Colours: Grey


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