Elephant W-104 Notebook B6

50 sheets of B6 wire-rimmed paper cover book, Elephant Brand, size 70 gsm. This book has a beautiful design. Comes with a colorful cover. There are many types to choose from. There are also staples along the wire. make it possible to become wider And the openness gives more space to write. What’s more, this book comes with clean white True White paper and smooth paper texture. Write smoothly.

How to take notes for easy memorization
Our brains are able to remember better when multiple colors are used in memory. Therefore, if you want to take notes and remember them easily, you should use multiple colors to take notes. If it is good, different colors should be specified. Use red for accentuating speech, use green for date, month, and year, orange for names, use color. yellow for highlighting places and the use of pink for emphasis, number and reason, etc.

How to clean old books or books
Use a brush on clean, dry teeth. Rub the outer spine of the book. Then use a gum eraser to gently erase the dirty parts. In the part of the stain that is deeply ingrained on the cover of the book or book The substance can use a cloth moistened with Absorene and rub the area. in the inner paper can use a cloth to wipe glasses Soak in water and then use a towel to blot the water dry. Let the cloth wipe the glasses, leaving only moisture. Then can be used to wipe the inside of the paper. As for the musty smell of notebooks and books You can bring a book, put it in a box, and put an odor absorber into it, such as charcoal.

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