Crayola Claytime

Shape, sculpt, and have fun over and over again with this Crayola 570300 1 lb. assorted 4 color reusable modeling clay. Specially formulated, this modeling clay will not dry out over time or when left out. With a non-toxic, water-resistant, wax and oil based formula, this clay is soft and pliable and perfect for forgetful kids who don’t always remember to clean up.

This set comes with 4 different, vibrant colors that can unleash creativity and bring imaginations to life. You can use the colors separately, or mix them together to expand your color selection. This set comes with 4 oz. of clay for each color. This modeling clay is recommended for ages four and up. Whether you’re teaching new concepts in a classroom, or leading a fun craft, this modeling clay is easy to use again and again.

Set Includes:
4 oz. Blue
4 oz. Green
4 oz. Red
4 oz. Yellow


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